High-Performance Teams

Communication is the key to successful teaming. This interactive, one- to two-day course provides a framework and tools to help individuals work effectively as a team. You will explore the conditions that promote dialogue, encourage creative thinking, build mutual trust and improve individual and team performance. You will:

  • Learn a framework for collaborative communication
  • Identify core elements of high performance teams
  • Explore how differences in work styles influence team dynamics
  • Build trust, make decisions and hold each other accountable
  • Learn more about yourself and the impact you have on others and your organization

Challenging Conversations for Managers

Internal Microsoft offering. One of the most challenging tasks as a manager is giving effective performance feedback, especially when performance is below expectations. In this three-hour experiential workshop (offered in person and virtual), you will:

  • Learn how to frame feedback
  • Prepare for feedback conversations that help the recipient hear your message
  • Practice giving feedback

Handling Difficult Conversations

Collaborative problem solving offers individuals and teams a common language and approach for addressing difficult issues early. This course provides a framework and tools that allow you to create the conditions for dialogue, explore options, build mutual agreement and improve performance in the future. You will:

  • Learn a framework and tools for collaborative problem solving
  • Understand the elements of conflict
  • Identify results they are not getting and apply concepts and skills to improve them
  • Explore how differences in learning and conflict styles influence interactions
  • Practice proven skills that help individuals and groups create the conditions for dialogue and effective action.