Below is a partial list of client and participant feedback. Please contact me to learn more about how I design and lead collaborative learning experiences for you that get results in mediationtraining and facilitation.


“I have had the chance to work with Doug for the past 4 years in my capacity as Learning & Development for HR. Doug consistently receives outstanding feedback from participants in our HR Learning Week courses. He engages and challenges participants, supports their learning with interactive exercises and discussions, and grounds theory in real world examples. As he teaches, he effectively models the behaviors required to change crucial conversations into opportunities for learning and superb results. Participants report his classes increase their team and organization effectiveness, diversity and inclusion, and customer and partner satisfaction. He has been receiving outstanding feedback for his classes and is an expert in his field.”

Birgit Behnke, EPG HR Business Manager, Microsoft.

“Doug’s workshop on Mindful Leadership: Managing Stress and Taking Action was an invaluable addition to the conference. His efforts contributed directly toward providing cost effective training opportunities. His high degree of quality, professionalism and flexibility to support us with our training mission is most appreciated.”

Julie Herling, Director, HRSC NW, The Department of the Navy, Leadership Conference 2008.

“Doug is a delight to work with. He is optimistic, cooperative, accommodating and full of good ideas. He thinks outside the box and is very creative. As a trainer, his classes are thought-provoking and professional. He can be serious and linear, if that is what is required, or very funny and engaging…getting the participants on their feet and moving around.”

Chris Koser, ADR Program Manager, Seattle Federal Executive Board

“Doug is an enthusiastic and highly-skilled trainer. I appreciate his experience and passion for teaching Crucial Conversations and other classes as part of our mutual support for Microsoft’s HR organization. He consistently receives high marks from students and from colleagues and I’m glad to have him on my team.”

Michael Todd Rognlien, PHR, Intrepid Learning Solutions, Microsoft HR POC Acct. Manager


“Doug was superb as a class instructor. He was very dynamic and interactive and kept the class engaged. People seemed very willing to participate and share especially with some hard stories…Doug kept the class engaged and on track. He respected class members. He had excellent knowledge of the subject and excellent skills getting the message across…Great dialogue in class. Doug encouraged class participation without forcing it. I loved the examples discussed in class. He had a great sense of humor…It was helpful that Doug revealed his own mistakes and vulnerabilities. His sense of humor made the class feel safe for sharing.”

Quotes from participants of Crucial Conversations delivered for WA DOP.

“Doug is an excellent speaker…Great ability to draw the group in…Good information that can be used to help stress in my life…He was dynamic and engaging… Knowledgeable and committed …”

Quotes from participants of Department of the Navy, HRSC NW Leadership Conference 2008.

“Doug has a great sense of humor…He is knowledgeable and knows the material well and how to apply it to our situation… Wow, this was great learning that made me look at my current behavior in my communication! These are great skills that will be extremely helpful in both professional and personal life.”

Quotes from participants of a Crucial Conversations course for Overlake Hospital.

“Doug is an excellent communicator and listener… He presented the material well and encouraged group discussions… He is patient and understanding… he has mastered the material and genuinely cares and wants his students to learn these skills to help them improve their lives.”

Quotes from participants of a Crucial Conversations course for Microsoft

“I love the materials, but the best part of the training was Doug. He was patient, plugged-in and so positive. He found insight in what we said… His knowledge and demeanor made the course worthwhile and applicable…this was an enjoyable two days… Doug is an outstanding presenter… The district and our association feel better prepared to bargain our contract.”

Quotes from participants of a Crucial Conversations course for Northshore School District.

“Great job with the Facilitation training today. In addition to covering the basics (e.g. assessment, ground rules, agenda, goals, process and logistics), I was pleasantly surprised to see you include and model so many process techniques (ragged start, time line, DPPD, Open Space, Futuring, mind mapping and appreciation cards)…I picked up a lot of tools for my facilitator toolkit, tools I wasn’t even aware existed. I loved how you modeled what we should do as facilitators… Great modeling of active listening, restating, reframing, questioning when a comment isn’t clear…Great modeling of humility, transparency, and creativity.”

Quotes from participants of Facilitation Skills course for the Seattle Federal Executive Board.

“Professional facilitation remains critical to meeting success. Doug Nathan did an excellent job… I think the “active” portions of the meeting were really useful in getting increased involvement from attendees.”

Quotes from participants who attended the Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership Retreat 2008.

“This was an excellent basic course that makes me feel prepared to try a large group facilitation as an assistant to an experienced facilitator. The things I especially liked about this training session are: Lots of individual practice; group critiquing (handled very well, making participants feel safe); and suggested scripts for opening statements, closing statements, etc..”

Quote from participant who attended the Basic Facilitation Class.