Whether you are on a team experiencing dysfunction, or a CEO struggling with your Board for power and authority, I can help transform destructive conflict into constructive conflict—that energy that helps us build better ideas and processes, improve our leadership capacities, and get better results together.

I also work upstream of conflict.

As a coach, I help people proactively develop their leadership capacity. As a facilitator, I design learning events to help individuals transform into high performance teams.

I customize workshops and presentations for a wide range of professional groups on topics such as influence, innovation, negotiation, and holding challenging conversations.

My Approach

Assessment: An assessment can help determine if coaching, mediation, facilitation, training or other consensus-building processes would be appropriate. I begin by learning about the unique culture, issues, and group dynamics of a client. I partner with a sponsor to design an appropriate intervention strategy based on perceived issues and the intervention goals.

I use various approaches to learn about a client’s environment, such as structured interviews, surveys, targeted discussions, focus groups, and group facilitations

Capacity Building: After assessing the environment and gaining perspective on the issues, I work with my client to design how we will work together. Capacity building helps people learn and develop new skills and knowledge that can be applied to the challenges they face every day. This phase can involve multiple approaches, based on need, including coaching, training, group facilitation, mediation, and designing systems for conflict resilience.

Research and Evaluation: Research and evaluation helps us learn from our experiences, share knowledge, sustain the learning and improve in the future. Depending on needs, this phase could produce a lessons learned report, case studies, a program evaluation, or reflective practice for individuals and groups.