I have learned over the years that conflict is a good thing. Without it, there would be no energy for change, no creative spark. The challenge is helping people transform that energy away from negative behaviors and into positive results and better relationships. The opportunity is to help them engage conflict.

I use a variety of approaches to shift conflict into opportunities for learning, improved relationships, and better results.

  • Mediation (link to section below
  • Facilitation (link to facilitation)
  • Conflict coaching (link to section below)
  • Classes and workshops (link to conflict classes)


I mediate a wide range of issues to help resolve conflicts that arise within the workplace, families, and communities.


I mediate disputes between co-workers, transform dysfunctional teams into high-performance teams, and facilitate labor- management partnership negotiations. Training in collaborative problem solving offers work teams a common language and approach for addressing difficult issues early. Mediation and negotiation, whether formal or informal, provides structure for people to work towards negotiated resolutions and improve
performance in the future.

I bring expertise and precision to managing complex, multi-party resolution processes. I help clients develop the initial purpose and scope of the work to be done and to identify potentially affected parties. I provide training of stakeholder groups and design processes for information exchange and joint fact-finding.

By working with all of the representatives and their constituency groups, I structure processes that stimulate discussion, surface the combined wisdom of the group, and craft lasting solutions to complex problems.

IEP Mediation and Facilitation

As a member of the Special Education Cadre of Sound Options Group, I facilitate and mediate Individualized Education Plans (IEP). I work with IEP teams that consist of parents and school personnel to manage emotions, create clear meeting goals and strategies, and craft agreements that result in effective learning plans for the unique
needs of each student.

Seattle Federal Executive Board (SFEB)

As member of SFEB cadre of mediators and facilitators, I provide mediation, facilitation and conflict coaching services to participating Federal agencies. I also present continuing education workshops and classes to help SFEB mediators and facilitators to enhance their mediation and facilitation skills.

Family and Elder Care Mediation

When you need to make time-sensitive decisions about people you love, mediation can help unify differing opinions into creative care solutions. As a certified mediator, I work with families and care givers to help them identify underlying hopes and concerns, make effective decisions, and move into the future with confidence. My approach eases conflict so family members can discuss life-altering choices in an atmosphere of safety, compassion and camaraderie.

Conflict Coaching

I coach individuals to improve their capacity to engage conflict productively. We work together to assess current behaviors, attitudes and awareness, identify development goals, and create a development plan that sparks growth and sustains learning.