fa cil i ta tion – to make easy for the group

Facilitation has been a central theme of my work. I have performed it myself routinely, trained others to become facilitators, and consult with others as a facilitation expert.

I provide organizational development and change leadership technical expertise through the design and facilitation of meetings. I work collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to design multi-party collaborative processes, teaming approaches and other strategies to address the ever-changing social, political, programmatic, environmental and scientific challenges of their goals.

My approach

I use participative design processes to create and facilitate opportunities for leaders, groups, and organizations to articulate their desired and achievable futures with self-managed plans. The organization development and change theories that influence my work include Appreciative Inquiry (Cooperrider), Whole-Scale Change (Dannemiller), Open Space Technology (Owen), Future Search (Weisbord and Janoff), Dialogue (Gerard) and the Organization Workshop (Oshry).

I help clients to surface questions and concerns related to change and future action, identify new strategies or focused direction, and hold in-depth dialogue over issues that may be preventing progress. These structured events generate shared understanding and stimulate participation and accountability for creating and implementing needed organizational solutions.