Over the course of many years in this field, I have developed faith in our abilities as human beings to reflect, learn, and adapt creatively to challenges occurring within us and around us. I believe that each person has a leadership capacity.

I work with employees, managers, and executives to raise awareness, build confidence, and challenge their abilities as leaders so they can improve performance and increase their level of influence within and beyond the organization.

Assessment: An assessment can help determine what attitudes, abilities, and behaviors an individual can focus on to improve their leadership capacity.

I use various approaches to learn about a client’s leadership attributes, such as structured interviews, 360 feedback assessments, and coaching conversations.

Capacity Building: After assessing the environment and gaining perspective on how the individual wants to develop, I work with the person to design how we will work together. Capacity building helps the person learn and develop new skills and knowledge that can be applied to every day challenges and strategic goals. This phase can involve multiple approaches, based on need, including coaching, training, job shadowing, and mentoring.

Research and Evaluation: Research and evaluation helps us learn from our experiences, share knowledge, sustain the learning and improve in the future. Depending on needs, this phase can produce a development plan, case studies, an evaluation, or reflective practice for the individual.