The Power of Story

Meisha Rouser, an organizational change and leadership expert and host of the Meisha Rouser Radio Show, invited me to talk about the power of story to create positive change. I share my journey working for a government agency and realizing that to be of service, I had to come to terms with the negative story of government in my head.

Story is a powerful tool for navigating through conflict and change. Our perception of reality is based in the story we (or others) tell ourselves. By exploring our stories, we create opportunities for growth, change and positive results. 

In this podcast with Meisha Rouser, I discuss my experiences working with stories to influence change within organizations. I describe organizing a story symposium for government employees to share their personal stories about the value of public service, cracking open intractable workplace conflict by reframing drama to purpose stories, and empowering employees by supporting them to discover and share their leadership stories.

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