As a coach, I partner with you to create positive change.

I offer personalized, in-depth assessment and planning based on your deepest aspirations. My goal as a coach is to support and inspire you to your next level of clarity and performance. 

The coaching process challenges you to reach for goals you would not attempt on your own. It accelerates growth and sustains development over time for individuals, teams, and groups.

What I offer

Executive & Leadership Coaching
Executive &
Leadership Coaching
Executive & Leadership Coaching

What matters most to you and how do you bring it into your work and life? I coach executives, managers and high-potential employees who want to improve how they get results. We focus on issues such as business performance, work-life integration, renewal of passion, developing teams and organizations, and aligning your values with purposeful action.


How do you bring talented, competitive and resourceful individuals together to form a high-performance team? We explore the structural conditions for team success and how to create inclusive and resilient team dynamics.


How can we best influence a culture of learning? Tap the power of groups. I share best-practice concepts and draw on the collective knowledge and experience of small groups as they apply what they are learning to their work situations. Focus areas can be customized as stand-alone group coaching experiences or combined with training workshops to support the transfer of new knowledge and skills to the workplace.

Coaching Testimonials

"Working with Doug accelerated my professional development journey.  He asked many insightful questions to identify the right focus and to chart the path forward.  In addition he recommends resources and references to help you progress down that path.  Doug is one of the best coaches I have worked with through my career journey."

Tara King
Managing Director Client Delivery Lead

"Doug worked with our leadership team during a time of great transition of leadership. He created a space where the team could feel safe being honest with one another, which was critical for the team to build trust. Doug brings a variety of tools and techniques to the coaching relationship to support the individual and the team along their journeys. I left our sessions feeling positive and energized to move towards my goals."

Tricia Davis
Director Road Services
King County Local Services

"Having Doug as my coach was a wonderful experience! I appreciate that rather than give me the answers, Doug helped empower me to find the solutions to challenges I was facing, or had created for myself. His empathetic approach helped me better understand how to translate my actions and thinking into strategies, and he's given me a set of tools that I'll be able to continuously apply in both my personal and professional life."

Fawn Chapman
Director Enterprise Brand Strategy
Capitol One

"Doug has been my professional coach for the past 2 years.  He has been able to help me navigate challenging and complex cultures/personalities and grow into a more resilient being.  He has helped me become nimbler in the moment and develop tools for my social tool kit."

Lisa P. Parriott, PE
Assistant Managing Director
Transit Facilities Division
King County Metro 

"I so appreciate Doug’s direct and compassionate coaching sessions. He has helped me reach a place in my own learning journey that I never even knew was possible. I thank him for his wisdom AND for always having another question. He has helped me move from a place of shame to a place of waking and walking in service. He is the coach among coaches."

Kara Cuzetto
Continuous Improvement Specialist, Executive Services
King County

"I have the utmost respect for the professionalism Doug exhibited throughout our sessions. I appreciate how as a coach, he was attentive to me, had a keen sense of my desires and kept me on track to achieving my goals. His ability to keep me thinking and not provide me with the answers encouraged me to work through and has made me stronger."

Monique Trombetta
Deputy Division Director
Metro King County 

"Doug is a model for empathetic listening and facilitative thought partnership.  He helps surface implicit bias, insecurities, and obstacles to my desired outcomes.  He is skilled at helping me rehearse courageous conversations and to focus on what I bring to the table in these situations.  He enables me to determine my level of responsibility and what I can control.  After all, the only thing we can control is ourselves and how we respond and react to others.  I am a better leader, father, husband, and person as a result of Doug's coaching."

Joe Koski, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Educational Support Services
San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

"Having been an educational leader for 25 years, I suspected I was fairly set in my conduct. Through a series of coaching sessions with Doug, I feel prepared for this new chapter in my professional career as well as another 25 years of leadership and service."

John Gorton
School Improvement Unit Manager
Montana Office of Public Instruction

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