I pride myself on creating experiences that stimulate laughter, learning, and connection.

My experiential workshops and seminars draw on a range of disciplines and methodologies that spark creativity and transfer knowledge and skills back to your workplace.

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Leadership Development

A practical, positive approach supporting others to aspire and achieve.

Finding our way through myriad options of professional life takes self-awareness, goal orientation, improvisation, and support. In this interactive workshop, you will explore a process of coaching others that helps them move from insight to action.


The way we do work is changing: It’s more creative, more collaborative and faster-paced than ever before — and we struggle to keep up. The good news is that managers and employees want to learn and grow. Based on the Gallup CliftonStrengths®, this interactive half-day workshop supports team members to learn a shared Strengths-based language and development approach. They gain personal insight and effectively relate to one another, harness the power of productive conflict, and increase group cohesion. Strengths-based development immediately changes team conversations. It creates more positive dialogue and boosts the team's overall engagement and performance.


This one-day experiential course explores the meaning and value of authentic voice—the foundation of effective leadership. You will learn a framework for understanding the role of voice in mobilizing people to tackle tough problems, and its impact on your success as a leader on teams and within your organization.

Conflict Engagement

Handling Difficult Conversations

Collaborative problem solving offers individuals and teams a common language and approach for addressing difficult issues early. This course provides a framework and tools that allow you to create the conditions for dialogue, explore options, build mutual agreement and improve performance in the future.

Leading Teams Through Conflict

To solve the adaptive challenges of our times, we need to create the conditions for learning and effective decision-making on teams. This interactive workshop provides a framework for transforming difficult issues into opportunities for smarter results and stronger relationships.

You Call This a Partnership?
Strategies for Influencing Your Board

In this interactive workshop, we’ll investigate common ways Board’s fail their mission, and ED/CEOs fail their Boards. Then we’ll explore strategies and tools you can use to transform difficult issues into opportunities for learning, innovation, stronger Board relationships and better results.


STORIES THAT LEAD: Claiming your power to lead at work and in your life

Stories are creative strategies that can inspire profound results. Explore three types of stories and how they help us show up as leaders so we can build connection with those who might follow.

STORIES THAT ENGAGE: Shaping workplace culture one story at a time

Our workplace is perfectly organized to give us the results we are currently experiencing. Without awareness, our natural story-telling talents can create a toxic culture of drama and dysfunction. But with intent, we can shape stories that build trust and engagement.

The Power of Stories to Shape Organizational Results

It’s easy to get caught up in the organization-speak of strategic visions, logic models, and lean process improvement, but how do they align with the purpose and passion you bring to your work and the priorities of your organization? Learn three tools to shape stories with purpose and practice shaping your origin and impact stories.

Workshop Testimonials

“Doug is an enthusiastic and highly-skilled trainer. I appreciate his experience and passion for teaching Crucial Conversations and other classes as part of our mutual support for Microsoft’s HR organization. He consistently receives high marks from students and from colleagues and I’m glad to have him on my team.”

Michael Todd Rognlien
PHR, Intrepid Learning Solutions
Microsoft HR POC Acct. Manager

"Doug has been receiving outstanding feedback for his classes and is an expert in his field. Participants report his classes increase their team and organization effectiveness, diversity and inclusion, and customer and partner satisfaction."

Birgit Behnke
Learning & Development Program Manager

"Thank you for leading us through a leadership workshop of reflection and storytelling. Your workshop was very well received by our trainees and faculty and I continue to receive messages of praise and delight for the time we spent with you. Your workshop helped set a valuable tenor for our UW LEND year—one that embraces the pause and curiosity for the stories of our trainees and the clients we serve; remembering to slow and reflect in the process of learning, challenge, and leadership growth. You are a gifted teacher."

Susan Wendel
Training Director and OT Lead
UW LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities)
Center on Human Development & Disability (CHDD), University of Washington

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