Image of capitol building in Washington DC

Reinventing the Story About Government

Sally Fox is a master storyteller. She works with international organizations to unleash their potential through stories. I was delighted when she invited me to share my experience using stories to drive organizational change in government.

In this podcast, Sally and I talk about how stories influence us as individuals, organizations and as a nation. I share how I learned to tap into the power of story by using poetry to teach leadership to MBA students. Stories can be a powerful lever of change in interpersonal disputes. We can trap ourselves in conflict unless we reframe our drama stories into collective stories of purpose. Our story of government has been fraught with narratives of bureaucracy and incompetence. But what if we invite government employees and people who care about government to share their stories about what works in government? It’s going to take a lot of personal stories to expand the narrative into a more complete picture of what government can and is doing for us. These stories are needed today more than ever.

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